week 11

Photo on 4-1-16 at 10.46 AM.jpg

So, I got this from my head! Yay, for imagination and what not. So, first off the eyes are really different and the nose is to sharp.The nose, also, looks like it is coming from a side ways look instead of a front wards view.  one side was more curved and the other was sharper and the hair is almost not even visible. His eyes kinda look like cat eyes please be happy now.


Week 10

To be honest,  I did not draw anything this week. Mainly, because I had nothing I wanted to draw so I just practiced. For example, I practiced drawing straighter, stronger lines. My cousin was in from college this week and She goes for art and design and computers. So, She helped me out and taught me how to do those things.

week 9

So, for week 9 it is an original drawing. It came from my head. My head is amazing and wonderful place. I promise. Photo on 3-17-16 at 12.14 PM.jpg

So, this is what my cousin did. He saw me drawing and decided he wanted to draw as well. (he thought he was famous if he is on this post) so I gave him some paper and he made his drawing. Yes, i know he is an amazing artist please leave comments on his picture so he feels awesome. (He is five.)

Photo on 3-17-16 at 12.13 PM.jpg

This is my drawing. (I know, I know. Not as god as the five year olds, but Hey what can you do?) Any way I had to baby sit last night so I drew really quickly. The lines are darker on the is one. and you can tell she is mad, at least. The neck is weird and the arms are really small if you see them. The shoulders are to stiff, and square. I really need to get some copy paper, or at least paper with no lines.

I have no idea what I will do next week and will probably find a nice website.

week 8 post 8

So, I used the website Drawinghowtodraw.com. I must say I have fallen in love with this site. It has given me many things to draw thus far, and has always made it simple to draw them. So, if ever you want to draw, go to that website it works well. So, I drew Pepe Le Pew, the skunk from Looney Tunes, because why not, I loved Looney Tunes when I was younger.Photo on 3-10-16 at 10.59 AM.jpg

I drew this, because my heart has kinda been out a lot these past few weeks.  His heart was always out, and, though, we always laughed at him. (His many attempts at love, and always failing.) He always made me think about how, if we were in his position, would we keep trying or give up? Any who, so let me criticize how bad my drawing is.

His chin is too big and his cheek on the left is really much too sharp. He has really awkward teeth the more I look at it. with this drawing I wish I had colored it in, but to be honest, I didn’t really have time either, so oh well. A lot of the lines needed to be more rounded and less sharp. I need to remember to darken the lines next time, after I draw it. So, you can see it better. I feel like I have said that each time, but this time I will do it, I semi – promise. I think I will try to do it on whit copy paper, next time as well. I think next week I will use the same sight, but I’m not exactly sure what I will draw. Leave a comment on something you would like to see. I might choose war you suggested or choose what I would like to do or feel like doing.

Week #6

This week I used the website, Drawinghowtodraw.com. I felt like frozen so I drew olauf yesterday. I had to find a good webs tie to do it on and this website has easy steps and is user friendly! I think it is my favorite. It has everything dragons, cats, chibis, frozen, ect.

Anyway, this week I drew Olauf. It was fun, and more challenging than I thought it would be. I had to erase and re – draw, Erase and Re – draw, too many times to count. Yet, It was fun and some thing I can do for a pass time whenever I like.


Photo on 2-25-16 at 12.00 PM.jpg

In this one (the only one I did, but, hey, I am a lazy person) I made my lines to dark which made them hard to erase. You can see that when you look and see lines that do not really need to be there. Over all its not a bad drawing, but it is not the best, either. I will get better as I go, but it is hard to find things that, are not to hard or too easy. Everything on drawinghowtodraw.com range from quite easy to extremely hard. So, I will probably stick with it for a while.

Week 5


So, this week I wanted to do animals. I used the website howtodrawit.com. it is an awesome website and I loved it.

So, this week I was like lets do something easy and now I’m like well that wasn’t easy at all. It was hard if the shape wasn’t just right, you could get a potato instead of an animal. At first I was thinking what am I even doing, but then I sat there and practiced and I must say they were alot better than I thought it was going to turn out. Having said that, if you think low of your ability, then you will end up surpassing it easily. Which, unfortunately, is what happened this week.

I postponed the dragons because  I was sick. Sorry, guys, maybe next week.

Week 4

Okay, so Thomas DeBoe wants be to draw the process so I will. It was harder doing that, but it was fun as well.


Photo on 2-4-16 at 11.18 AM.jpg

This picture was the sketch to see what I wanted in the picture and what i could care less about. It was my first on and I thought it would be fun, because you know I am a totally nerd about star wars. I think next week I need to make sure to draw bigger. So you can see the details more.

Photo on 2-4-16 at 11.23 AM.jpg

This is what I start with. The first (also the first thing I do) one is a basic out line. The second one is a sketch, it is mostly light lines that are barely seen (I darkened so of them so you could see it). The third one for me is always my mess up light lines. Basically, for me the third sketch is the one I can mess up on I don’t have to draw real arms and normally its the one I choose how big I want it. It, also, gets a lot of erasing before I get the picture of how everything goes for me to actually draw something. Its like my rough draft of writing (as in it’s ugly,cringe worthy).

How to Draw Chibi Cartoon Han Solo from Star Wars Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

This is the website I used, I thought it would be fun. It was, it was also very good at explaining, and had a wide variety. I decided to do chibi which is the cartoon version of something. The one I showed you was Han Solo. This website is very helpful and I think it  would help any beginner. Again, this is not my site, and I do not take credit for it. This site is amazing and has such a wide variety, that I think anyone could find something they liked. It is also so basic that a young’s kid could do it if they wanted to.